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Our Story

Since 1992, a small group of us started working and networking, amongst ourselves. In the beginning we didn’t recognize the power that was developing amongst us. We became great friends and we respected each other. This was the Law of Attraction at work!

We have enjoyed success as entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and family businesses. We have shared our wisdom, our failures and our life experiences, with each other. We have also helped each other through life, while also doing the same with each other’s friends and family. It is not surprising that we now enjoy each other, as lifelong friends! We have great fun working together, playing together and most of all, going to the beach together

As we looked back, we realized that we have shared, bought and sold products and services from each other, just because we know each other… good products, too! We have learned how to distribute quality products & services, while maintaining integrity and enthusiasm.

Wow, a network with integrity!

As we’ve learned about each other and our friends, we’ve discovered that we share common values and goals. Secondary to our goals is the commitment we have made towards communicating with others that are of ‘like mind’. Now we share fundamental success principles, universal laws, business ideas, products, services and vacations, as we leverage our contacts and technology!

We share one primary goal: to provide freedom, security and health to our loved ones. Life. Health. Prosperity. So many want to provide the same for their families and we want to assist them. This is why we created this web site and community!

As you discover the depth of this community, it may improve your lifestyle! So, watch out! You will want to become a “Beach Buddy”.


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